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No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

H.E. Luccock

Our Story...

Galtech Systems (M) Sdn Bhd is present wherever technology and business intersect, impacting everyday life. Galtech is an abbreviation for the words GAL and TECH. “Gal” stands for women or girl, and “Tech” is derived from “technology”. The idea behind this name combination came from the company’s organization itself and the core business, as Galtech is dominated by female leaders in information technology field. In addition, we are a technology company based in Malaysia led by a group of young people who are driven to succeed by upholding our motto, “Always Moving Ahead.”

Established on 21st of January 2011, Galtech Systems has grown over the years. The company is managed and supported by a team of highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated group of employees who are dedicated and passionate about their work.

Yes, we believe that together with our customers we can enhance the comfort of many. We utilize our competencies and experience to create software and system which brings real impacts on the present and future.

We acknowledge that failure is unfavourable, thus we take full responsibility for projects that we implement. In this way, we have been building the trust in Galtech and its value for many years.

We are constantly improving our competencies and investing in research and development because the most important thing for us is the success of our customers.

Siti Sarah Salleh Hudin
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Our Vision
To be as preferred system integrator with best quality ICT services in Asia Pacific region.
Our Mission
Leading technology solution provider, system integrator and software and hardware customization and providing excellent after sales service and report.
Our aim is on being a preferred supplier primarily in the South East Asia. We have significant expertise in wide area of ICT solutions.

We focused on delivering high value and high-quality ICT solutions which enable you to achieve your ICT objectives and business requirements in order to boost your business efficiency and productivity.